Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia has become an important aspect to any business, as it helps you to stand out in the vast digital sea, full of fierce competition.

Modern times is connected in an online digital time period, in which mini CD/DVD-ROM are an efficient way to advertise and market your company. Express Cloud is a respected multi-media business presentation solution provider. Our staff work with Flash, Ajax and Sharp graphics to help professionals like you with a comprehensive multimedia system and interactive multimedia presentation. Our multimedia software will allow us to provide you with a variety of ways to include multimedia techniques into your business, such as through attractive and clear presentations for events and a CD/DVD catalogue. This also includes original concepts, design, style, animation and encoding at inexpensive costs, as well as CD/DVD ROM duplication.

High Tech Strategy

Our company has a hi-tech strategy for multimedia system publishing, as well as interactive CD/DVD business presentations. We offer you and your organisation an opportunity to demonstrate services, products, achievements, key contact information and much more, in a very dynamic, interactive and highly appealing file format.

Our company's multimedia system specialists can produce visually pleasing interactive CD/DVD presentations, along with an extensive CD/DVD catalogue. Our company's multimedia system designs have the capability to entice your own client’s curiosity about your products or services. Our multimedia system specialists place your information in a choice of static or dynamic design on a mini or big CD/DVD, according to preference. Our own multimedia system demonstrations a wide choice of electronic digital signage display screens, which you decide on.

Dynamic Multimedia Presentation is chosen over:

  • Product sales advertising, product sales demonstration, brand name advertising and brand name advancements.
  • Multimedia systems and interactive product sales demonstrations on CD/DVD produced at Express Cloud allows you to provide a comprehensive product sales business presentation on your desktop computer, or even notebook computer, for your respective target customer.
  • Interactive Brochures on CD/DVD can be produced for you at Express Cloud. An interactive CD-ROM Presentation of your own brochures, company advertising and marketing really encourages your clients to understand more about your organisation, products, solutions and services.

Business cards are able to create for you and can supply you you’re your design on a mini CD/DVD-ROM, so you can easily get the business cards printed of your own convenience. To counteract the necessity of holding large disks, we utilise the innovation and technology of our multi-media artists to create mini CD/DVD-ROM. Small business cards are eye-catching and a much more convenient way to handle your interactive brochures, presentation to customers or targeted people.

If you are interested in this service and would like to find out more, please feel free to contact the dedicated Express Cloud team. Our staff are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your enquires. Click here to contact us.

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