Email Marketing

Express Cloud offers an internet-based email marketing system that enables you to e-mail all of your clients and connections with your very own email newsletters, email marketing services, e-zines, and much more

When a marketing campaign has been sent, you can use a response check system to trace who may have opened your email messages, keep control of your bounce backs and find out which connections haven’t opened your e-mails. You can also look at which links they clicked on inside your email marketing campaign

Express Cloud helps you design email newsletters. Your company can discuss and share these newsletters on social networking sites.

We have carefully selected 10 top-rated benefits of using Email Marketing with Express Cloud:

1. It’s Straightforward

It’s simple and easy. Everyone can do it at any time. This process enables you to make use of the subscriber's list that provides you the capability to deliver information and facts to a wide range of specific, potential customers.

2. Inexpensive

It enables you to definitely get rid of the expense of design, style, testing, executing, and delivering printed newsletters. Also, many people like making use of e-mail marketing, mainly because it supports the eco-friendly initiative and it is paperless.

3. It’s Simple to Track

A user can easily keep track of users through analytics, bounce messages, un-subscribers, click-throughs, etc. These could be used to calculate open rates, negative or positive responses, and matches sales with marketing and advertising.

4. Subscribe or Unsubscribe Options

E-mail consists of opt-in or even opt-out options, which can help you narrow your search for prospective customers. Individuals who wish to listen to your message will happily provide you with their email address. If they're not interested message, they are able to unsubscribe at their own wishes.

5. Swift Reaction

Let’s face the facts - direct mail is actually sluggish. It can take between 5 to 8 days to get a response. E-mail marketing includes a response in somewhere between 2 and 3 working days. It can easily reach a considerable amount of email subscribers in almost no time to those who have agreed to receive email messages that interest them.

6. It provides a Worldwide Range

Regardless of where you are or when you really need to contact people, email advertisements can reach their objectives and target subscribers. There are no limitations with e-mail marketing.

7. Exceptionally Personalized

E-mail enables you to personalise, greet, and focus on each individual personally.

8. Quantifiable Results

Exclusive tools are offered to you which cam precisely calculate click through rate, conversion rate, how a visitor reached your website, and much more. It is reported and rated as the most reliable Internet marketing strategy.

9. Focused and Target Marketing and advertising

You can target a particular audience according to location, age group, income, as well your own preferences. Need to deliver a discount coupon to the 30-33 years old women in a particular neighborhood, without extra expense? You can’t do that by using hard copy and print marketing.

10. Interactive

Finally e-mail marketing is actually highly interactive. You can easily initiate campaigns by making use of video clips, graphics, music, polls, quizzes, online games and much more. E-mail marketing enables you to push communication to your clients, instead of a website which is waiting for customers to visit.

All in all, e-mail marketing is a superb method of getting the most value for your money.

If you are interested in this service and would like to find out more, please feel free to contact the dedicated Express Cloud team. Our staff are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your enquires. Click here to contact us.

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