ASP.NET Application, C# Applications, Microsoft .Net Specialists

We invest in the latest technologies and up-to-date training to ensure our bespoke software and web development projects will deliver benefits to our clients that they can benefit from now and in the next upcoming years. A large proportion of the software development we undertake is within the Microsoft .Net framework.

Some of the .Net developed projects have included:

  • Custom E-commerce Solution in ASP.NET, Microsoft.Net
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Open Source Integration (DNN)
  • Content Management System
  • Online business & Web portal development
  • Financial Accounting System (FAS)
  • Exchange Portal
  • Content management System (CMS)
  • Human Resource Management System (HRM)
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Goods Movement Tracking System (GMTS)
  • E-commerce web development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Toll Free Call Management System
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Large scale financial administration system
  • Microsoft SharePoint development
  • Web based case management system
  • Transactional eCommerce solutions
  • Online stock trading platform
  • Mobile applications
  • Enterprise business applications
  • Web based intelligence sharing system
  • Business Intelligence solutions

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