Vision & Mission

A "Cloud" is simply a centralised modern technology platform that provides you with specific IT solutions to a specific or large number of users. It supplies the facility to sign in and use your company's IT services everywhere you go, preferably through the devices you carry and through virtually any network available to you, such as the Internet.

Express Cloud believes that a true cloud computing service is the one that eliminates the conventional limitations between software applications, data and devices. This makes the service a computing dream from any end user's perspective. You don't have to concern yourself with location, device, or method of connection - all of the data and software applications are entirely available and the experience remains consistent. The highest standard of data protection is given, so users don’t have to worry about protecting the reliability and integrity of the data they use and store.

Our services are designed with a comprehensive range of application delivery services to the clients, covering anything from the design, implementation and management of private clouds, right through to the production of hosted cloud solutions, which are delivered via Express Cloud's own cloud based IT Infrastructure.

We seek for our consumers to be able to gain access to enterprise applications with the same ease and flexibility they get from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Gmail. This can be easily achieved by blending your private cloud-computing infrastructure with your existing IT Infrastructure.

At Express Cloud, we aim to become the number source for information and advice regarding cloud servicing. We want to provide our customers with the best advice that will benefit them and their companies. Our passion means we constantly strive to help our clients and will make every effort to deliver our services until they are satisfied. We will keep customers well informed at what possibilities are best suited to them and will not settle for anything that is short of a high quality service.

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