Clients & Partners

Our selection of companions does read as a "who's who" of IT. Perhaps because it is exactly that! Cloud based technologies has a highly collaborative field and nobody endeavors to walk this journey on it's own.

This is one of the main reasons that we work hard to construct mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and affiliates. This permits us to present you with fantastic ideas and deals, prior to the general industry launch of their services. We stay intact with our esteemed partners and establishments, attend seminars, webinars and indulge ourselves in public conferences conducted by these IT Cloud Computing giants and bench markers.

Express Cloud's partnership grew through several years of collaboration and in-depth comprehension of the talents, combined with technological strengths brought to our relationships. Since our inception, some of our longest-standing customers have become our most dependable partners.

Currently, our strong relationships vary from top system suppliers, such as Microsoft, SpamHero, Parallels, Sage, Ahsay, to specialised cloud infrastructure providers, such as EMC and Dell.

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