About Us

Welcome to Express Cloud, a Cloud Computing Provider.  Our range of services gives you many advantages to help make your life easier. We have the skilled capability and expert knowledge to transfer your existing ‘On Premise’ IT Systems into the cloud.  This enables you to continue running your existing IT Infrastructure over the Internet, while using Cloud-based powerful technology for your business needs and requirements. 

Our services include carrying out projects of consultancy, migrations and new installations. We also deliver the assigned IT projects and deployed systems. This can be brought to your onsite IT support staff, with full training on how to utilise benefits and operate the deployed cloud systems. Or, we can also provide full support, suited to your requirements, of the deployed systems backed by powerful SLA driven contracts. Express Cloud will ensure that all these cloud computing services run 100% of the time - protecting your IT Infrastructure uptime and business integrity.  

At Express Cloud, we recognise that ‘on premise’ systems are expensive and unreliable solutions to running your computing infrastructure. We discovered this for ourselves, proved it to ourselves and consequently we established our cloud-computing enterprise to speak about this particular approach with many other businesses. 

We are eager to share what we’ve discovered, through our team of experts, and would be very pleased to aid you in making the operation of your business an easier process.

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